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IKEA Kitchen Installation

How much time does IKEA Furniture Assembly Take?

IKEA furniture assembly can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours, depending on the size and complexity of the piece. However, most IKEA furniture is designed for easy assembly and can be put together relatively quickly.

If you’re not confident in your ability to assemble IKEA furniture or simply don’t have the time, get in touch with Box Busters for IKEA furniture assembly in Melbourne. You can sit back and relax while we put together your new furniture for you.

Get in touch with Box Busters today for a free quote on IKEA furniture assembly in Melbourne. We’ll make sure your furniture is assembled quickly and correctly, so you can enjoy it for years to come.

What’s the best way to assemble a flat pack kitchen?

Flat-pack IKEA kitchens are notoriously hard to assemble! If you’re pressed for time and need to get your furniture put together quickly and carefully then there’s only one choice – our IKEA kitchen installers!

The Box Busters team are kitchen installation experts. We consider your furniture and the nature of your space, before effectively putting it all together.

You can forget the stress and hassle of flat pack kitchens when you work with our trusted team. From IKEA cabinet assembly to kitchen island creation, Box Busters will deliver the years of experience you need.

It’s never been easier to create your dream kitchen! Simply purchase your flat pack kitchen furniture, contact the Box Busters team, and we’ll have your IKEA kitchen installation completed ASAP!!

Why work with our IKEA kitchen installers?

Are your IKEA cabinets giving you a headache? Do you need your kitchen installed quickly and efficiently? If so, then Box Busters is the solution you need!

Our IKEA kitchen installation services deliver the quality flat pack and cabinet installation you need at a fantastic price.

Because we specialise in IKEA furniture and flat pack kitchen cabinets, we can save you time and effort by completing the job to an exceptional standard.

If your existing kitchen space needs a refresh, then working with our IKEA kitchen installers in Melbourne is the best way to do so!

How Much Does an IKEA Kitchen Installation Cost ?

An IKEA kitchen installation by Box Busters will usually cost between $1500 & $3500 for an average kitchen, i.e.: 12-20 cabinets. The exact price of our services will depend on the size and quantity of furniture and cabinets

Regardless of the size of the job, we always deliver outstanding service, quick and easy installation, accurate measurements, and stunning kitchen design

Finding out the exact cost of your IKEA kitchen installation in Melbourne couldn’t be easier. Simply contact Box Busters online & get a free quote today!

Do you Offer IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Installation ?

Yes, we do! Box Busters offers.IKEA kitchen cabinet well as IKEA kitchen benchtop installation

Due to their many parts and heavy lifting, these are some of the most challenging pieces of IKEA furniture to put together.

Because of this, we encourage you to check out our IKEA kitchen installation services when planning your new kitchen.

As part of our installation, we offer a precise measurement service and real attention to detail. The result is cabinetry and benchtops that look stunning with a high-quality finish.

Why is IKEA furniture hard to assemble?

IKEA furniture can be difficult to assemble for several reasons. The flat pack furniture is often designed to be as simple and efficient as possible, which means that there are fewer instructions and less guidance on how to put it together.

Additionally, the pieces can be very small and delicate, making them difficult to handle. Hence, if you’re struggling to handle IKEA flat pack furniture, contact the team at The Box Busters to do it for you.

Do you need your IKEA furniture assembled?

Get in touch with the team at The Box Busters today for high-quality flat pack assembly services. For more information, get your free quote today.

Free Quote for Ikea Furniture Assembly

Do you need your IKEA furniture assembled? Get in touch with the team at The Box Busters today for high-quality flat pack assembly services. For more information, get your free quote today.

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